The expert knowledge for sourcing, maintaining, restoring and recommissioning your Italian classic vehicle

  • Sourcing

    Check history and provenance background this is also available for vehicles not sourced by Omologato Consultancy.

  • Maintaining

    Re-commissioning services carried out by ex-Abarth mechanics in Italy which can include rally livery restoration carried out by the original artisans.

  • Restoring

    Well tried modifications and mechanical revisions.


  • Paul arranged for an ex-Abarth S4 authority, to fly to the states and go through my car. The process was quick and painless, and two weeks later I was on the road in my glorious s4!

    Phil T. / USA
  • Thanks to Paul my garage has a second Lancia homologation special. Shortly after my 037 was delivered I asked Paul to source a Stratos for me. The process was very much the same - we looked at a number of cars in Europe and Japan before Paul arranged a private treaty transaction in Italy. I certainly would not have been able to source the car on my own, but even more importantly I would not have had the confidence that the car is as represented without Paul and his network of Lancia and Stratos specialists. They did thorough inspections on the cars I considered, discussed in detail each car's strengths and shorcomings and carried out the necessary recommissioning of the one I eventually purchased. Could not be happier!

    N.S. / NY USA
  • The understated way in which Paul conducts himself belies his attention to detail and the passion he has for the Lancia marque. Some years ago I had a number of problems with my Integrale Evoluzione II and living in France, I was having considerable difficulty in finding anyone with the knowledge required to put things right. I contacted Paul who listened patiently to the list of faults and within no time had arranged an appointment with a specialist in Turin. Given that he can count some of the key figures involved in the development of many Lancia competition cars as his personal friends, it comes as no surprise that he has the resources to tackle minor issues on relatively mundane road cars right through to rebuilding extremely rare ex-works examples to the correct specification. If you're serious about acquiring or maintaining a Lancia, you need look no further than Omologato Consultancy.

    Richard Broomfield – Lancia Delta HF integrale Evo 2 stradale
  • Paul's assistance is invaluable to anyone with an interest in buying, owning or running a competition or historic Lancia. His depth of knowledge and experience of these cars is unrivalled in the UK and his appreciation of and enthusiasm for them is incredible. Critically, however, what he does not know or cannot do himself, he knows exactly who to speak to or where to go to get the information or support you really need, whether it is in the restoration or maintenance of that historically important factory rally car, or in establishing a detail of its history or provenance. Paul is very well hooked into the market and can assist in sourcing a car (he knows where they are as I discovered) or in assisting with background checks. Dealing with Paul is also a great pleasure and he is both unpretentious and honest in all his dealings.

    Mr A.B – Delta S4 Corsa Martini – Group B
  • Paul recently managed the restoration of my Lancia Delta S4 over a period of 9 months. His knowledge of the marque is astonishing (he is also a former S4 owner) and his enthusiasm infectious. He made the connection to the top specialists for the car and he has managed the project with the utmost integrity; I got real value for money, exceptional work by the Baldi brothers, who are ex- Abarth mechanics, total honesty on the repairs, extensive photographic documentation and frequent on-site visits to monitor progress. I have restored several cars in my life and I' ve been blessed to work with many top professionals, however Paul's work really stood out as an example of how to create new classic car enthusiasts by offering them a great experience. I would very much like to own another rare Lancia and Paul will certainly manage that restoration too!

    George A. / Switzerland – Lancia Delta S4 Stradale
  • At the risk of sounding like a paid spokesman, I can't say enough good things about Paul. Not only did he help me find the car I'd always wanted, but he helped me find a better one than I'd hoped for. As importantly, he helped me sidestep a few disaster cars, of which there are always some when you’re looking for something rare. Finally, even after the purchase, Paul was there to assist me whenever needed. I highly recommend him.

    Phil T. / USA – Lancia Rally 037 Stradale
  • I was introduced to Paul by Phil T (testimonial above) in the beginning of my search for a 037 Stradale. Paul carried a search that took close to a year, went through a number of cars in three different countries and led me to a car that I’m very happy with. Paul then arranged for ex-Abarth mechanics to carry out mechanical re-commissioning and managed the process. At the end, just to top it all off, he arranged for a test drive on a track in Italy and a meeting with factory mechanics and Sergio Limone – the designer of the 037! That was fitting end to a process that, while long, was actually very enjoyable.  Through it, and with Paul’s patient help, I gained a ton of additional knowledge about 037s and Lancias in general that only added to my appreciation for these cars. It also convinced me that without Paul’s help I would have likely given up the search – when it comes to rare cars like this, there are too many potential pitfalls that could quickly overwhelm and discourage an enthusiastic non-expert like me. My experience with the 037 led me to entrust Paul with a search for a Lancia Stratos which recently resulted in a purchase. Highly recommended!

    N.S USA Lancia 037 Stradale
  • Paul Baker really knows his stuff: I had been looking cautiously with him for over a year for  a Lancia Aurelia B20 GT. In the early Spring we revved up our search. He tracked down a number of cars for review. He on one of his forays to Italy located what seemed an ideal car. He accompanied me to inspect it with his specialist mechanic. We examined and tested the car and negotiated a transaction. His mechanic arranged for the transportation of the car to his premises in Turin and arranged for the paintwork and mechanical fettling to be undertaken. This all happened on time and on budget. Paul helped me with all of this and his network is second to none. He helped me through the registration process in the UK and after I had inspected the car in Turin the transportation of the finished car home. He also recommended some excellent restaurants. He really know his stuff and is calm and patient. He is looking for my next car now.

    Robert P Burrow – Aurelia B20
  • I have known Paul for many years, and his knowledge of Lancia rally cars and his contacts in Italy are second to none. He was the obvious man to call when I was looking at buying my Integrale, and provided invaluable assistance in researching its identity and establishing that it was in the correct mechanical specification. I will definitely use Paul's services again.

    M.Wood – Integrale Evo Corsa Ex-Works
  • Paul has been fantastically helpful in the renovation and then sale of my Stratos. His knowledge and contacts were invaluable, without which the project could not have been achieved. I have no reservations in recommending him and thank him for all his help.

    B.Denton – Stratos Pre-Production
  • I have known Paul Baker for 10 years. During that time I have found him to be honest, trustworthy and helpful in all aspects. In 2011, he mediated on my behalf with an Italian company. His fluency in technical terminology made the whole process painless The work that was carried out was of the highest standard which resulted in a successful conclusion for both parties. I found the charges to be extremely acceptable too. Paul was a pleasure to deal with and, of course, I will be using him again in the near future!

    Dave Kedward – Lancia Rally 037 Safari Ex-Works Martini

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